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Each Yorkie puppy is born and cared for with love. When you have the pleasure of purchasing one of our Yorkie puppies, we expect that you will nurture and love him/her just as we have. Remember, the puppy will be in your care and is thus completely your responsibility and at the mercy of your watchful eye and protection. Yorkies are like little people, and if you think spending 5 minutes with your new puppy (or adult Yorkie) a day, then I would recommend that you do not get yourself a Yorkie as a pet. They are constant companions who need much attention and love. When they have these essential elements of love, care and needs, we guarantee you that you will see your Yorkies personality responds strongly to you and every moment will be a reward!


Yorkies are not dogs, they are "little people". They must have love and companion-ship and live in the house. They are intelligent and active and particularly devoted to their humans. They are not suited to being left alone for hours every day and need the stimulation of daily companionship. If you have a full time job, and you cannot take your Yorkie to work, get him a friend/playmate! Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most delightful breeds to own and it is not unusual for people to have two or more. It seems that one is not enough! The woman of the house wants a small lap dog and who ends up with the dog at his side, the better half. Yorkies have no difficulty adapting to luxury, but are true terriers, always up for a riotous romp or a good dig and love getting dirty! They can be horribly aggressive. If a Yorkie could speak, the first words would be "give me space". If you cannot take your dog with you when you go away from home, find someone (friend or breeder) reliable who will care for it conscientiously.


Do give your Yorkie puppy lots of toys - they will be played with for years. Favorites are well knitted old stockings, but watch out for bits being chewed off and swallowed. Old shoes, tennis balls and soft fluffy toys are also good. Avoid too much throwing of balls as a very tiresome addiction to this can develop and the dog ends up appearing to think of nothing else all day. If you give a puppy soft, fluffy toys, or even squeaky ones, check that eyes and noses and 'squeaks' cannot be chewed out and swallowed, and be prepared to make major repairs on a regular basis.

House Training:

House training a Yorkie is also best tackled from the praise rather than the punishment angle. Try to anticipate when he/she wants to go out - immediately on waking, after food and when he runs around intently looking for the right spot. Smacking him/her about a mistake should only be resorted to in desperation, and then please do not rub the nose in it, but next to it - that does nothing for the Yorkie puppie's morale - but point out unmistakably what has been done wrong and punish if you must without calling out the puppy's name. His/her name must be used only to praise. Yorkies are generally good about being clean in the house, but perseverance pays, and as they are not stupid, they will eventually learn ( 6-8 months)  :)

Care for your Yorkie puppy:

When your Yorkie puppy arrives, remember that it has lost its mother, littermates and familiar surroundings. It will need plenty of love and reassurance, especially at night, until it settles into its new home. The 8 to 12 week-ages is the 'flight and fear-imprinting' age and time when a puppy is most impressionable. How to treat him, and his experiences during this period, have been proved to affect his character for the rest of his whole life. Be aware that in this period you are laying the foundation of the dog's character, and lifelong complexes can originate from mismanagement at this time. Do not let young children handle your puppy unless closely supervised. Yorkies are pretty fragile physically at this age and can easily be injured. They can also develop hate for children and can be snappy at a later stage. If you allow your puppy on chairs or the bed, don't allow it to jump off until it is much older. Some are very sensible and will cry to lift down, but others launch themselves forth and quite serous injuries can result. Do not leave your new puppy unattended with an older dog or dogs. Dogs are terrible bullies and do not understand that a tiny puppy needs so much sleep and does not want to be bullied, however innocent their intentions. Puppies will develop defenses against over-enthusiastic older dogs and these sometimes are not pleasant and can lead to behavior problems in the future.

Yorkie Puppy Diet:

Do not give them milk at all. It can cause severe diarrhea. Royal Canine Puppy/Junior and Mini Junior are recommended. An Egg a week is good for your Yorkie. The yellow is better for them than the white. Scrambled egg makes a good breakfast or supper. Puppies until 3 months of age should have 4 meals a day. How you space them is up to you but please make sure the last meal is just before you go to bed, round about 10 o'clock. The 1st meal of the day must be round about 5h30. When your little one doesn't want to eat when in its new environment, please try and hand-feed him/her. When they don't eat their blood sugar falls to low and they pass out and get fits. It can immediately be recovered with 1 teaspoon of glucose in a 1/4 cup of Luke warm water. Use 2cc drawn up into a syringe and put it straight into the mouth. If you do go to a vet please remember that your puppy's parents had all their inoculations and at 6 weeks your puppy did receive his parvo virus inoculation, as well as at 9 weeks their 1st booster, so there is no chance for your puppy to obtain parvo. The symptoms of parvo and low blood sugar are so similar that the vet can very easy see it as parvo. Please remind them to check the sugar level immediately, because if they do not treat this urgently, your puppy can die!

After 3 months of age - 3 meals a day are enough until about 6 months of age, when they can usually manage with two. It is generally accepted to be good practice to feed all dogs twice a day. A Yorkie puppy's calcium requirements are not great, so beware of over-dosing. A vitamin and mineral supplement containing calcium is recommended, but get a good one, such as Beefed, from your vet or pharmacist. Many of the conditioning tablets on offer are mainly yeast - they do well but Beefee and similar are better.

Coat and Care:

Keeping a Yorkie the way you'd like to see it is a losing battle! Five minutes after your best endeavors with bath and brush, it looks like a street urchin again. But don't give up, it really is terribly important to keep them groomed, however unrewarding the results. Unless bathed and combed (very important to comb daily) regularly, the coat mats and the resulting agony session for both you and the dog is just not fair. Matt left unattended cause tension on the skin, which can become inflamed and painful. Many Yorkie puppies don't want to be combed and will fight the issue quite seriously. It is important to be very firm with them or the battle will worsen as the dog ages and becomes stronger. If you can't get co-operation while they are young, find someone used to handling dogs to give you a hand - it will save you a lot of hardship later. If you feel you cannot cope with the brushing, have a "Schnauzer Conversion" or a "Snorkie Cut" done at the pet parlor when the puppy is older - it results in minimal care and is very cute. Few parlors seem to have any idea on how to trim a Yorkie. Unless you want it radically shaved, be very specific that the ears should be shaved, front and back, 1cm and the hair at the edges trimmed close to the leather. The feet should be trimmed to the shape of the foot and all hair between the pads cut short. Many parlors take far too much of the base of the ears and the dogs look like a bat-eared fox. Correctly trimmed, ears makes a Yorkie look smart and neat - unless of course you prefer the monster look! Ears and feet are very easy to do. Dogs should be bathed regularly - at least once every second week! A bucket of cold water in the back yard does not do for a Yorker - indoors bathing please with warm water! A telephone shower is probably the easiest, or two basins. Make sure you get out all the soap - behind the ears (please be very careful not to get water in the ears), under the forelegs, etc. dry in the sun if hot, or use the hair dryer and comb and brush hair only when its dry. Ear trimming is most easily done with slightly curved scissors or clippers, if you have them. Life is easier for all it you tackle this job when the dog is sleeping, especially while it is still a puppy. Before trimming, take your Yorkie out for a long walk to tire it out. Obviously great care must be taken not to snip the ear leather, it is important to trim the puppy's ears, especially it they are slow to stand up. After bathing, while the hair is still wet, it is easier to see where to trim the edges close to the leather. Ears sometimes flop again during teething. If you decide to keep the coat long, when the time comes to tie the 'top-knot' shirring elastic made into a little loop seem to be about the most effective way of holding the hair in place. A ribbon can then be tied over it. If you use an elastic band to hold their hair, cut it out rather than pulling it out. Pulling breaks the hair. The best ribbon bands are the tiny dental ones - not always easy to get! When you are ready to put in the 'top-knot' take the hair from the outer corner of the ears to the inner corner of the ears, straight across the skull between the ears at the back, then from eye to ear on the other side. Gather this all together, hold in the left hand and put some sharing elastic or a small rubber band around it, then the ribbon. Eyes should be swabbed daily with damp cotton wool to prevent tearstains and dirty eyes. A little Boracic Powder dissolved in water helps the stain and is a mild disinfectant. Dropped into the eyes it can help at the times of the year when the eyes tend to water. Do not trim a Yorkies fringe for sight purposes, but clip the hair between the eyes to prevent hair that's growing into the eyes! Check toenails regularly. Unless they run on concrete they tend to grow very long and are uncomfortable and unsightly. They can also become horribly entangled in the coat if the dog scratches. Your vet or a dog parlor will cut the nails for you if you cannot do it yourself - and many dog parlors will also trim ears for you while you wait. Be sure to check every day under the tail. If a stool is a bit moist, it sticks to the silky hair, then dries, effectively blocking the passage of anything further. Quite a build-up can occur in a short time and eventually dilates the anus itself, which is very painful for the dog. The best way to tackle this problem if it occurs is to wash the feces off under warm, running water. Trying to cut is out can be tricky. It is a good idea to keep the hair under the tail trimmed short unless of course one is trying for a show coat.

Very Important:

Remember that Yorkies quite forget their size and can be aggressive to other dogs, even to large ones, with disastrous consequences. They are also escape artists, ingenious and very agile. As you open a door they will dart through it faster than you can see them, they will creep out of holes which you didn't know existed, sneak through the gate when it is left open, climb a fence, jump the lower half of a stable door and through windows - even high ones , can be reached via chairs and tables which you didn't know were so conveniently placed. Yorkies hate to miss out on anything and will work out all sorts of ways to ensure that they are not excluded. All Yorkies find new territory exciting and love to explore. My own experience is that Yorkies have little sense of direction and appear to have no idea of how to get home again once they have escaped. Please know where your Yorkie is, especially when you or visitors arrive and depart or if there is other excitement. When you go out ensure that your Yorkie is SAFELY closed in. Yorkies on the street get run over because they are too small to be seen, and they are prime targets for theft and uncontrolled vicious dogs. And never forget the dog-fighting fanciers are always on the lookout for spunky small dogs to give their pit bulls. This is truer than you think! If you live in the countryside, don't forget that eagles and owls have been known to take tiny dogs like Yorkies. Many people who ask me for puppies have lost Yorkies tragically - and it always happens very quickly. Many Yorkies love to swim. This is fine when you are around, but many tragedies occur when they try to swim on their own. When alone they panic and will not remember how you taught them to get out of the pool. If you have a swimmer be sure it cannot gain access to the pool or fishpond etc, when you are not there. If the coat is long, it gets very heavy in the water, and will he/she will drown! Yorkies are intelligent and willful. Because they are so small they are forgiven many sins, but it actually does them no good. A dog is definitely happier if it is disciplined - kindly, of course, but firmly. The only way to punish is at the moment when the misdemeanor is committed - you cannot tell it half an hour later that it was naughty and then punish it. Dogs only understand direct cause and effect. Never, never punish a dog when it comes to you when called - praise instead, even if you feel you want to thrash him within an inch of his life! Whatever naughtiness he was up to when you called, by leaving it he bowed at your will. If you punish, he will think you are punishing him for coming to you and won't put him in that position again. All sorts of other things can be learned on the same principle - reward for doing right and plenty of encouragement. If you take your dog with you in the car, NEVER LEAVE IT IN A STATIONARY CAR, even for a few minutes. The heat in a closed car builds up instantly and a dog, especially a tiny one, can collapse and die very quickly - and it is a horrible death!


This is a common problem in the 1st 4 months of a puppy's life. The spores are usually picked up on grass with terrible effects. Check regularly from 5 weeks - sit in the sun and check for dandruff flakes. When you catch it when it's small it is easier to care for, but if you only realize that there is some ringworm when the hair is falling out, and it's the size of a 50cent piece, it's usually spread already. Treat it with 1% Lamisil spray 3 times a day, followed with Tinaderm cream, and don't stop until the hair is at least 3mm long again. An eighth of a Microcidal 125g tablet must be given for 24 days at least. So do get 3 tablets from your chemist and please make sure not to overdose.


Provide your Yorkie puppy with a bed. Having his own special place is good for his ego, even though he doesn't seem to use it much, and would far rather sleep in your bed with you. If you can provide a cage or a box large enough for the bed, and a sheet of newspaper for relieving himself on, he will become very used to using the newspaper and will use it in the house as well if it is put down for him. Puppies do not like to soil their own beds and will generally cry to be let out when necessary. This is an excellent moment to go straight outside and give him lavish praise when the job is done! Yorkies tend to prefer a covered bed - traveling cage, cat basket, etc, and there must be a cat (or more likely monkey) in their ancestry for most of them loves to sleep as high off the ground as they can get.


Yorkie Puppies need to chew and will find something to chew, even if it is your furniture. Don't give your puppy bones at all. Sterilized cow hooves are also excellent and are non-greasy and last for ages, but are sure to remove them when they become small enough to be swallowed. Beware of biltong - several Yorkies have choked on it. Beware also of rawhide bones and toys. They love them, but when they become smaller and soggy from chewing they try to swallow them - and choke. Wors sticks are much safer and they adore it! Toy breeds are inclined to have teeth trouble and bad breath and very often shed their milk teeth. Have your vet check your dog's mouth around 5 - 7 months of age. The canines are particularly troublesome about falling out, but quite often some of the molars remain, which are not easy to see. If not attended to the double row collects a phenomenal amount of dirt and old food and can eventually affect your dog's health, to say nothing of the speed with which it encourages rotten teeth. It is very important to remove these baby teeth. Please be sure that your vet uses diprivan anesthetic, as the other narcosis can have devastating effects, and your puppy can easily die. Sterilized cow hooves are available at your pet shop and even supermarkets are first rate for helping to keep teeth clean, but do get you vet to check the teeth regularly. You can do quite a lot yourself with a toothbrush - they don't like it much, but it is worth persevering. There is a delicious-tasting PET DENT ORAL GEL at your vet too. Dirty teeth and tartar carry masses of bacteria, which the dog is continually swallowing and this can, eventually lead to kidney and even heart problems.

Vomiting and Diarrhea:

Remember: a vet should see any pup or adult Yorkie that vomits and has diarrhea, and is off its food, or very depressed immediately. Change the food and the environment. The general rule is that if the vomiting or diarrhea is only occasional, and your pet is still bright and happy, it is probably not too much to worry about. KANTREXIL (buy from your Vet and keep in the fridge) is ideal for these symptoms. Starvation for a 6 - 12 hour period allows the intestinal tracts to rest, but would be fatal for a very small Yorkie puppy! They will need to eat properly at least every 6 hours for up to 6 months.


Yorkies are born black and tan, like tiny Dobermans, then they develop into miniature Rothweilers, and then everybody will tell you what a wonderful mongrel you've got. Their coloring develops during the first couple of years, but continues to change throughout life. It is very difficult to accurately predict the final color and coat texture of a young Yorkie puppy. Yorkie Puppies often show whitening on the head under the black puppy hair. This is accepted as a good sign and indicative that color and texture will be good. The head continues to whiten (sometimes it is a silvery-white) until around a year, or a bit later, and the tan hair can be seen coming through the roots. In due course this will take over from the pale hair. Another indication that the color will change is the appearance of paler hairs under the black on the neck behind the ears, and sometimes all over the body. This can remain pretty static for a long time, and, in fact, the longer it stays like that, the better the chance of good color. The puppy looks black until one parts the hair. Others show this lighter hair in more profusion and it quickly takes over from the black. These are likely to end up with a silver rather than a steel blue body. The tan on the head clears slowly and there is great variation in the speed with which it does so. Often a blackish stripe remains in the centre of the skull, but this should also gradually fade. Many Yorkies do not achieve clear tan or retain this stripe, and also darken hair in front of and behind the ears and under the eyes. Some puppies stay black for a long time and eventually the paler coat can be seen spreading upwards from the limbs and the tummy. These usually end up one of many shades of grey. The puppy with a profuse, rather curly coat is likely to have a thick, woolly coat as an adult, whereas the puppy that seems to have a sparse, spiky coat very often achieves the desired silkiness. By now your new puppy may represent a sizeable financial investment. But of course, you've invested much more than money. Yorkie owners also invest a little of their soul in this new relationship.


What should you do with your Yorkie when going on holiday? You have a choice of asking a friend/ relative to come and stay at your house, or your Yorkie can stay with them. You could also ask a Yorkshire Terrier Breeder (providing that they do not breed with cages) to look after your Yorkie. Going on holiday is something that everybody looks forward to - except for your Yorkie! Always remember that there are over 300 holiday destinations that welcome pets. For more information on these destinations, contact the AA Travel Guide at 011 713 2000 or visit there website at: Enjoy your Yorkie, and please do not hesitate to phone us if any problems occur. We would love a visit or photo from you and your precious Yorkie!

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